For over a decade, Edd "Catfish" Kray has brought the blues to Denver. The band has played virtually every venue in Denver, since its debut in 1997. With the release of its CD, Splash, in 2009, they have moved to national attention.

The CD has received airplay in the US and abroad. It has been featured on Sonny Paynes classic King Biscuit Flour Hour and also played extensively in Europe; from London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Spain, Poland, Macedonia...Argentina too.

In 2010 it was recognized by the Grammy Foundation as one of 50 entries in the contemporary blues category.

The June, 2010 issue of Downbeat Magazine reviewed "Splash" and gave it the same three star rating as national stars, Sue Foley, Nick Moss, and the Holmes Brothers.

In 2016, the band released our new CD "Ripples" (get it? after the Splash). It has also received a similar positive review in Downbeat and quite o bit in airplay and sales already

Despite the national attention garnered by the recording, live shows are our forte.

Catfish Kray has been slinging his guitars since his first show in Cleveland in the early 60's. Influences? probably Albert Collins, Robert Jr Lockwood and (!!) Joe Walsh. Catfish follows the Delta tradition in his blue after almost yearly pilgrimages to Clarksdale, Indianola, Rosedale, Friars Point and other historic towns in the Mississippi Delta. He's sat at the Crossroads at midnight, but kept his soul intact.

Our goal is simple. Play blues music that makes the people on the floor and in the seats in front of us HAPPY, merely this and nothing more