Jesse Garland

Alumni Lead Vocalist

Jesse was with the band from 2008 through 2011 and contributed greatly to our success. In 2011 she "graduated" to her own group "Jesse Garland, the Blues Siren". She still appears with Catfish occasionally on a fill-in basis.

Originally a "jazz singer" from Washington DC, Jesse started off singing in some of the same clubs as Ella Fitzgerald. A Florida State University grad, Jesse has booked and managed her own groups here in Colorado for some time. Jesse has been called "amazing, amazing and amazing" by Denver's Westword Magazine, and the best female vocalist we've ever heard by the management of the famous Little Bear Saloon in Evergreen.She's written a couple of the best songs on the CD Splash.

Loretta Erickson was our original vocalist from 1997 through 2003. She was instrumental in establishing our reputation as one of the top blues bands in Colorado. People would hear our demo and come to the show looking for the 300 pound blues belter from the Mississippi delta...........and be quite surprised that that voice came from the 100 pound lovely lady. I can't express how much we OWE Loretta and the pleasure it was playing with her in the band. When she relocated to Alaska, we were all demoralized. She's back in Colorado as of 2010 and sadly out of the music bizz. raising a daughter and working in the Aurora schools.

Michele Steele, power vocals in 2011 and 2012. Michele turned quite a few headswith her rock-blues style reminiscent of Susan Tedeschi. She still finds time to fill in for us once and a while
and we love that.